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Growing & Farming


Farming and Growing

Muricado has continually adapted farming ​practices have progressed, and has been at the forefront of farming innovation to meet new commercial requirements. Our avocados are carefully cultivated according to the Organic standards & the principles of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).

Having fully identified our matured avocados, we carefully test for maturity before we hand-pick them from the orchards. Mature avocado fruit remains hard on the tree until it is harvested. After weeks of dedicated fruit maturity testing, orchards are finally cleared for harvest and the experienced men and women from our harvest team enter to carefully pick the fruit for immediate delivery into the packing facility.


The Muricado Group operates and is affiliated with nurseries around our farms. Our nurseries supply top-quality clonal ​rootstock avocado trees for use in our own orchards as well as for sale to customers in the agricultural sector, both nationally and internationally.

These nurseries are fully accredited and allows us to build a foundation for sustainable increase in production for successive years and limiting operational challenges. This not only allows for a quality avocados to be produced  but also ensures availability all year round for our farms. In-house and partner nurseries provide superior rootstocks and licensed varieties for expanding our production capacity to meet ever-growing demand.


Muricado Fruit Supplies operates various avocado estates in Mfirika Njombe, southern highlands of Tanzania. ​ ​​Our orchards are well-designed and efficiently planned to reflect a high quality and efficiency of modern farming and production management.

During the respective fruit development stages on trees, Our expert growers carefully monitors the primary orchard management practices such as nutrition and irrigation to ensure a high organic fruit quality directly determined by inherent fruit quality from the orchard.